What theory test do I need for C1? (2023)

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What theory test do I need for C1 ambulance?

The assessment requires you to pass both the LGV Multiple Choice (Module 1a) and LGV Hazard Perception (Module 1b) theory tests. You will have to answer 100 multiple-choice questions and achieve at least 85 correct answers.

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Do I need a theory test for C1 licence?

Pass you theory test

Applying for a C1 driving licence involves completing three theory tests. These include a multiple-choice test, hazard perception test and a case study. The multiple-choice test has 100 questions covering how to safely and proficiently drive large vehicles.

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What do I need to do to get a C1 licence?

If you want to apply and get your C1 licence, three theory tests have to be completed. The three tests you have to pass are a case study, a hazard perception test, and a multiple-choice test. The case study takes about 75 minutes to complete.

What theory test do I need for class 1?

LGV Category C+E (HGV Class 1) Requirements

There is no theory test requirement to obtain a C+E licence. This is because the "+E" part of a driving entitlement simply means "and trailer over 750kg".

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How long does C1 theory test take?

You have 1 hour and 55 minutes to answer 100 multiple-choice questions. Before the test starts you'll get: instructions on how the test works. the chance to do some practice questions to get used to the screens.

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How long is C1 theory valid for?

Your theory test certificate is valid for two years. If you don't pass your practical test in that time, you'll have to take the theory test again before you can take the practical test. If you don't pass the theory test, you'll need to wait at least three working days before you can retake it.

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How long is C1 hazard perception?

In terms of duration, you'll have a total of 2 hours, with 1 hour 15 minutes for the multiple-choice questions and 45 minutes allotted for the hazard perception test.

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What is category C1 on a driving Licence?

Category C1

You can drive vehicles between 3,500 and 7,500kg MAM (with a trailer up to 750kg).

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How long does it take to get a C1 license?

Step 2: Provisional C1 licence

In order to make this application, you will need to complete a D2 Application Form, which can be obtained from your local post office, or can be ordered online from the DVLA. There is NO FEE to pay and 10-15 working days later, you should receive your new licence.

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How much does a C1 licence cost UK?

The cost of a Category C1 Driving Test is £115.00. It is necessary for candidates wishing to attain a Category C1 Licence to first attain a Driving Standards Agency L.G.V. Theory Pass Certificate. The Theory Test consists of 100 multiple choice questions and you will be required to correctly answer 85.

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Do C1 drivers need a medical?

Yes: Drivers who passed their car test up until the end of 1996 normally have the C1 category as acquired rights and must have a medical every 3 years with the first at 70.

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Do I need C1 for motorhome?

This is the vehicle's weight plus the maximum load it can carry. To drive a motorhome with a MAM of between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes, you need a category C1 licence. To drive a motorhome with a MAM of over 7.5 tonnes, you need a category C licence.

What theory test do I need for C1? (2023)
Should you pass C1 before C?

Not complicated at all, right? It's basically an upgrade on the standard C1 license, which means it can only be taken once the driver has already completed their C1 test and got the license. A category C license allows drivers to drive vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, but must not exceed 32 tonnes.

Do I need a theory test for A1?

If you wish to gain an A1, A2 or A licence you must pass the Motorcycle Theory Test before taking the Practical Test. You don't need to pass the Bike theory test for the 'AM' Moped License (with CBT course only).

How long is the waiting list for theory test 2022?

Current driving test waiting times as of November 2022.

Waiting times at most test centres are still around 6 months but cancellations do come up so it might be possible to get a test for around 4 months time.

How long is c1 provisional?

You should get your driving licence within 3 weeks of DVLA getting your application. It can take longer if your health or personal details need to be checked. You automatically lose your HGV or bus licence if you lose your car licence.

Is CPC getting scrapped?

As an essential requirement to drive professionally, the Driver CPC qualification expands the expertise of drivers, as well as ensuring road safety. Since Brexit, many have been asking – will the driver CPC be scrapped? In short – the answer is no. It will be accepted into legislation despite the UK leaving the EU.

Is LGV theory test hard?

The current pass mark for the Hazard Perception part of the Theory Test is 67 out of 100. People often find this part of the test more difficult than the multiple-choice because there are no right or wrong answers; it is simply a case of clicking as soon as you see the hazard developing.

Can you go straight to c1 E?

From November 15th 2021 if you hold a valid UK car licence you can go straight to a Class 1 / C+E course. You will have to have the C+E provisional entitlement put on your licence first. To do that you will need to send your driving licence off with a completed D2 application and D4 medical form completed by a doctor.

How can I pass my theory test without revising?

Make sure you are flagging any difficult theory questions and revisit them at the end. Carefully read each Theory Test question and answer choices, and then read the question again to ensure you answer correctly! We advise you spend around 1 minute per question.

Can you fail a CPC course?

Drivers renewing their licence must complete 35 hours of training in total. Each CPC training course lasts a minimum of seven hours, and there is no pass or fail element to these tests.

How many clicks are you allowed on hazard perception?

​How many times can you click on Hazard Perception test

Do not click more than 5-10 times on one clip. Click only when you see a hazard. Click about a second later to make sure that you definitely clicked somewhere within the marking zone.

Do you need 5 5 for hazard perception?

What is the hazard perception pass mark? You can score up to 5 marks on each hazard. The maximum score on the hazard perception test is 75, and learner drivers will need to score 44 to pass. That means your average hazard perception score for each hazard needs to be at least 2.93 in order to pass.

Can you fail hazard perception?

If you fail your hazard perception test, you will need to retake the entire exam. This is because the hazard perception test is designed to assess your ability to spot potential hazards on the road. By failing this test, it means that you are not able to adequately identify potential dangers while driving.

Who has a C1 licence?

Category C1 is for goods vehicles between 3500kgs MAM and 7500kgs MAM and is a subcategory of Category C. Subcategory C1 vehicles may be coupled with a trailer up to 750kgs MAM allowing a combination of up to 8.25 tonnes MAM. However, the 750kgs MAM trailer weight limit is an absolute limit.

Is C1 the same as HGV?

Category C1 is the very first basic level of HGV license. Most HGV drivers on the road will have a C1 license. A C1 allows you to drive a vehicle of 3,500 kilograms, as long as that vehicle is under 7.5 tonnes in gross weight.

Is C1 the same as Class 2?

What is the difference between a Class 1 and Class 2 Lorry Licence? A Class 1 C+E lorry is an articulated vehicle that bends in the middle and can weigh up to 44 tonne. A Class 2 lorry is any rigid vehicle over 7.5 and up to 32 tonne.

Can I drive a 7.5 tonne lorry with a C1 licence?

You need to have a C1 Category licence to drive a 7.5-tonne lorry. This hgv licence is not the same as a Category B car licence, however, you might be able to get a C1 licence automatically if you have a normal car licence, depending upon the date that you got your driving licence.

What license do I need for a 7.5 ton?

To drive a 7.5-tonne vehicle you need to have the C1 entitled on your licence. If you have passed your Category B (Car) driving test before 1st January 1997, you automatically have 'grandfather rights' that allows you to drive a 7-5 tonne lorry without having to take the C1 driving test.

Who can drive C1 vehicles?

  • With a category C1 licence, you can drive any van up to the weight of 7.5 tonnes, which gives you plenty of scope for lots of different vehicles. ...
  • If you're looking to drive professionally, the C1 licence is a great place to start.

Do C1 drivers need a CPC?

Initial Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) is required for all new drivers of C1 or above who wish to drive for a living, or where the vehicle use would be classed as “hire & reward”.

What is C1 driver training?

C+E training. A 7.5 Tonne driver, or C1 driver, is qualified to drive a vehicle over 3,500kg (C) but below 7,500kg. The '+E' entitles you to add a trailer over 750kg.

Why has C1 been removed from my driving licence?

Driving a Motorhome at the age of 70 or over

If you use the standard renewal procedure your C1 entitlement will be suspended and you will no longer be able to drive motorhomes between 3,500kg and 7,500kg until you have passed a medical.

Can I go straight to Class 1 HGV licence?

After qualifying as a Class 2 HGV driver, you can go straight in to becoming a Class 1 HGV driver by taking the Category E practical test. However, there are several steps you must take before becoming a Class 2 driver: Obtain a car driving licence.

Can I drive a tractor unit on a c1 licence?

Yes, it is permissible to move solo tractor units around on Category C licences.

Is CBT the same as A1?

The A1 Motorcycle Licence is available for people aged 17 or above who only want to ride a scooter/moped or motorbike with a maximum engine size of up to 125cc. Many people consider the A1 licence as a so called “permanent CBT”, with the added privilege of being able to use motorways, and carry pillion passenger's.

Do I need CBT if I have A1?

If you have a provisional licence, you need to pass the CBT as well as the theory and practical tests. If you have an A1 licence, or have had an A2 licence for less than 2 years, you need to pass the theory and practical tests. If you've had an A2 licence for more than 2 years, you just need to pass the practical tests ...

How long after CBT can you do A1?

Once you're 17, you've completed your CBT and passed your Motorcycle Theory test, you can move forward and take the A1 Motorcycle Licence – whether you have held an AM Moped Licence for two years or not.

Can you refuse a driving test examiner?

Can You Refuse a Driving Test Examiner? Generally no. If you were to attend a driving test booking and refuse to take the test with the allocated examiner you would lose your test fee and not be able to sit the test, you cannot request a different examiner.

How many times can you fail your driving test UK?

How many times can you fail your test in the UK? There is no limit to how many times you can sit the test, so don't worry if you fail. The record for the highest number of fails is 42 for the practical and a whopping 158 times for a failed driving theory test!

How long should I study before taking my theory test?

In our professional view, we would highly recommend booking your theory test at least a month in advance, and spending around between 12 and 24 hours revising for your theory test within that time period.

Is C1 A LGV theory?

Category C1 is the very first basic level of HGV license. Most HGV drivers on the road will have a C1 license. A C1 allows you to drive a vehicle of 3,500 kilograms, as long as that vehicle is under 7.5 tonnes in gross weight.

Is C1 and LGV the same?

'C1 and 'C' licences

If the vehicle has a MAM between 3.5 tonnes and 7.5 tonnes then a category 'C1' LGV driving licence is needed, however, if the (MAM) is more than 7.5 tonnes then a category 'C' LGV driving licence is needed.

What driving group is C1?

Category C1

You can drive vehicles between 3,500 and 7,500kg MAM (with a trailer up to 750kg).

What driving category is C1?

A C1 driving licence means that you can drive a rigid vehicle up to 7.5 tonnes and a trailer up to 750 Kg. So, if you obtain a C1 driving licence then you can drive a medium-size vehicle over 3,500 kg up to 7,500 kg.

Do you need a C1 to be a paramedic?

What licence do I need for Paramedic Driver Training? An LGV C1 category driving licence is needed to drive an ambulance due to its weight.

Can I study paramedic without maths?

It is also imperative to have passed maths, science and biology as matric subjects in order to be eligible. “In the past, a short four-week course would qualify you as a Basic Ambulance Assistant,” says Ryan Wills, Training Manager: Emergency Medical Care.

How much do paramedics earn monthly?

The average paramedic salary in South Africa is R 354 000 per year or R 182 per hour. Entry-level positions start at R 251 000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to R 2 030 112 per year.

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