Is diesel easy to store? (2023)

Can diesel be stored for a long time?

Under ideal conditions, diesel fuel can be stored between six and twelve months. To extend the life past twelve months, even under the best conditions, it needs to be treated with fuel stabilizers and biocides.

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How long is stored diesel fuel good for?

Diesel fuel can only be stored from 6 to 12 months on average — sometimes longer under the best conditions. Generally, to prolong the life of the quality of stored diesel fuel, it should be: Kept cool at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit; Treated with biocides and stabilizers.

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What happens to diesel when it sits for a long time?

The lubricity of the diesel leads to internal vehicle damage: Now that this diesel fuel no longer has the lubricity it once had, the acidic nature and thickness of the fuel will begin to adversely affect the fuel pump, diesel injectors, and engine and may not even be able to start your engine if bad enough.

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Is diesel easier to store than petrol?

Compared to gasoline storage, diesel fuel lasts much longer and is easier to store. However, just like gasoline, diesel fuel will go bad. With the right diesel storage methods though, you can make your diesel fuel last much longer.

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Is diesel still good after 2 years?

As for diesel, it can remain usable for between six and 12 months before becoming 'gummy' which, if used, can clog up filters and cause you issues with your engine.

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What is the best way to store diesel fuel?

The ideal conditions for storing diesel fuel include keeping fuel dry and at a cool temperature (below 70 degrees Fahrenheit). Such conditions ensure storage life between six to twelve months. To extend fuel life beyond twelve months, fuel stabilizers are required.

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Does diesel fuel go bad after sitting?

Stored diesel used to last for years – nowadays its shelf life is measured in months. Diesel fuel eventually goes bad, that's just a fact. Three things speed up the natural process of good fuel gone bad – water, air, and warmth.

How long will 5 gallons of diesel last in oil tank?

In general, however, five to ten gallons of diesel or kerosene will last you around one to two days.

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Should I keep my diesel tank full?

Regardless of the season, it's always a smart idea to keep your gas tank as full as possible. Our professionally trained personnel can deliver gasoline and diesel fuel to your farm, construction site, or commercial building should you need it.

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Does diesel fuel go bad after sitting?

Stored diesel used to last for years – nowadays its shelf life is measured in months. Diesel fuel eventually goes bad, that's just a fact. Three things speed up the natural process of good fuel gone bad – water, air, and warmth.

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Is 10 year old gas still good?

Degradation occurs from the get-go but most gas stays fresh for a month or two without issue. However, gas that is more than two month old is generally OK to use with only minor decreases in performance. Gas that is older than a year can cause issues, like engine knocking, sputtering and clogged injectors.

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Does diesel have an expiry date?

Diesel, like petrol, is a fuel that can expire. It's important to store diesel fuel in a container designed to block out heat, water and air, which can speed up the expiry process. Under the right conditions, diesel can last up to twelve months, but by adding a diesel fuel stabiliser, you can make it last even longer.

Is diesel easy to store? (2023)
How long can I store diesel in a jerry can?

Once you have filled a container with fuel, there is a shelf life before the quality of the fuel starts to reduce. Diesel keeps for 6-12 months. After this time it can start to become gummy, which can clog up the filters in your car id used (causing you issues with your engine).

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