How do you greet a rider? (2023)

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How do you greet other riders?

Motorcyclists, while riding a bike when encountered by other bikers coming from the opposite direction, point out their index and middle finger of their left hand towards the ground. This is a way of expressing respect towards the other motorcyclist. It's our way of saying, “Hello!

What is the greeting between bikers?

Titles for this greeting include "Biker wave", "Motorcyclist wave", "Motorcycle wave" or just "The Wave." The greeting made can include a number of gestures including a nod, a pointed finger, palm-out V sign, palm-in fingers-down V sign, or an actual raised-hand wave.

What are some biker sayings?

Motorcycle Riding Quotes, Sayings & Memes
  • Happiness Isn't Around the Corner. ...
  • We Only Regret the Rides We Didn't Take.
  • Riding a Motorcycle is Like an Art: Something You Do Because You Feel Something Inside.
  • To Ride or Not to Ride? ...
  • Sometimes it Takes a Whole Tank of Fuel Before You Can Think Straight.
  • Ride Hard or Stay Home.
Apr 19, 2019

How do you signal a biker?

Signal right turns by extending your right arm OR upturning your left arm. Signal left turns by extending your left arm straight out to the left. Signal stopping or slowing by extending your left arm straight down with your palm facing rearward. If riding in a group, point to and call out hazards to other bicyclists.

Why do bikers put up two fingers?

The rider was acknowledging the driver's considerate safe driving efforts while the motorcycle passed. … The two-finger salute is actually a peace sign. That's how we motorcyclists wave to say thank you for making room for us to split lanes.

What is the biker signal for police?

Police Ahead

Let your fellow riders know about police activity up the road by patting the top of your helmet with your left palm. Keep our communities' police officers and other first responders safe. Use caution and respect all laws when riding your motorcycle.

What does the 3 mean bikers?

3 Piece Biker Patch vs 2 Piece Patch

It means that the members are awaiting approval from the club to become a member of the sanctioned motorcycle club which then earns them the right to wear the three piece patch.

Why do bikers say on your left?

Faster traffic, such as bicyclists, runners and rollerbladers, should pass on the left, announcing their intention to pass loud enough for other trail users to hear. Don't wear ear buds in both ears and have your music so loud you can't hear others on the trail.

What do bikers call their Harley?

Hog/hawg: Nickname for almost any Harley, but usually reserved for the bigger bikes in the lineup (as in, not Sportsters). Also, HOG is the acronym of the Harley Owners Group.

What is slang for motorcycle rider?

Biker: A slightly tricky term—members of the general public often use it to refer to any person who rides a motorcycle. But among motorcyclists, it often means someone who's in an MC, or possibly even a one percenter.

What is the motto of a biker?

Live to ride, ride to live.

What are cool nicknames for motorcycle riders?

Biker nicknames like “Drifter”, “Slider”, “Dog”, “Joker”, “Bear”, and “Winger”, are common in motorcycle circles. But the more unusual nicknames tend to get remembered easily. Nicknames like, “Guardrail”, “Band Aid”, and “Red Light” tend to suggest a story on their own.

What does it mean when a biker holds your leg?

Dangling your leg into this high-speed airstream results in a significant force on the rider's leg as it acts like a small parachute, creating a turning moment by pulling the riders leg around his core. This in turn encourages a pull on the outside handlebar, further helping to turn the bike through counter-steering.

What does it mean if a biker taps his helmet?

If you're riding along the road and see your fellow motorcycle riders tapping the top of their helmets as they pass you in the opposite direction, slow down and be cautious. In most of the U.S., this is a warning that the police are nearby.

What does it mean when a biker sticks his leg out?

To signal a roadway hazard on the right, stick out your right leg from your bike.

What do bikers do when they pass each other?

There are various versions of how the biker wave came to be but the most popular is believed to originate from 1904 when Arthur Davidson and William Harley were passing each other on the road and they waved at each other. It was noted by a passer-by and believed to be etiquette among riders, or so the tale goes.

What does a hammer pin mean to bikers?

The club has several internal awards for members who commit violence. The ball peen hammer pin is for members who have used verified violence on behalf of the club. The Dequiallo patch is worn by members who have committed violence against the police.

Why do bikers tilt?

In short, leaning the bike allows there to be a gravitational torque to balance the torque from the fake force. Leaning prevents you from falling over.

Why do bikers block traffic?

"Sometimes it's safer to block the road so people don't get into the middle of a group of motorcyclists. Sometimes it's done to be safe. It's not done to be obnoxious."

What does it mean when a biker pats his head?

LPT: If a motorcyclist pats his or her head with an open palm, it means "cop/danger ahead" just as if a car were to flash its lights. I give this signal to my fellow road-goers when I'm on my bike and I thought more people should know, as its not very common or known to those that don't ride.

What is a bikers flash?

It means changing the the engine performance via the ECU. The ECU controls most things on the bike.

What does 666 mean in motorcycle club?

666 = FFF = Filthy Few Forever. “DEQUIALLO” patch is claimed to have been earned by HAMC members who have reacted/responded violently toward law enforcement personnel.

What does 81 mean to bikers?

81 is a metonym. It stands for the 8th letter of the alphabet which is an H, and the 1st letter of the alphabet which is an A, HA = Hells Angels.

What does 99% mean in bikers?

This is said to refer to a comment made in 1960 by William Berry, a former president of the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), that 99% of motorcyclists were law-abiding citizens, implying the last one percent were outlaws.

Why do bikers ignore stop signs?

In California, a bike is considered a vehicle for all traffic codes and rights-of-way and can travel in the streets alongside motor vehicles. This means that a cyclist is required to stop at a stop sign just like any other motor vehicle. Many cyclists just ignore the law and continue if they feel it's safe to do so.

What does 86 mean for bikers?

According to the online Merriam-Webster dictionary, it means to "refuse to serve (a customer)", to "get rid of" or "throw out" someone or something.

What do bikers call their vest?

Soon, they began riding in groups known as Family Clubs and to stand out from the rest members of Family Clubs started donning cut-off vests which later came to be known as “CUTS”, and even attached their preferred colors on the back to show allegiance to their group.

What does 13 tattoo mean to bikers?

The letter M, being the 13th letter of the alphabet, often is said to stand for marijuana or motorcycle. Generally, it is assumed someone wearing a 13 patch is either a user of marijuana or other drugs, or is involved with the sale of them. The M also has been known to stand for "methamphetamine".

What do you call a girl on the back of a motorcycle?

Back warmer – A girl on the back of your motorcycle.

What is a new biker called?

prospect. Term used by some motorcycle clubs to denote someone who has stated a clear intention of becoming a full patch member of the club. Typically, the bylaws or other governing document\policy will dictate how long someone must be a prospect and what is expected of them during this period.

What is a motorcycle lover called?

biker. noun. a motorcyclist, especially one who belongs to a group.

What is the biker prayer?

May the sun rise in front of me, the rain fall behind me and the wind follow me. May the Angels guard my travels for they know what is ahead of me. Keep me safe through rolling hills and swirling turns. Let the eagle guide me to the mountain tops.

What does 22 mean for bikers?

Other patches the club wears are the number 22 (the 22nd letter of the alphabet, V, for Vagos), and a Loki head. An MF patch (meaning motorcycle family), is received by a member after a probationary period is over and the member is validated as a member of the Vagos family on the front.

What are lone bikers called?

A nomad is a member of a motorcycle club (which may or may not be an outlaw motorcycle club) or similar club who is not a member of a specific charter of the group. Some nomads live in geographical areas that have fewer than the required numbers to form a charter.

What are female motorcycle riders called?

Lady Bikers of California – A statewide, CA riding club for women only.

What is a two person motorcycle called?

July 2020) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) A sidecar is a one-wheeled device attached to the side of a motorcycle, scooter, or bicycle, making the whole a three-wheeled vehicle. A motorcycle with a sidecar is sometimes called a combination, an outfit, a rig or a hack.

What is a rookie biker called?

Prospect. A Prospect is a person who would like to join the club but still needs to earn his patch.

What does flashing 5 fingers mean?

Number: The number is indicated by the number of fingers held up. Multiples of five are indicated by flashing all five fingers the number of times needed.

Why do bikers ice their hands?

Applying ice over the hand after a long trip will help decrease the inflammatory response of the hand tendons. However, running your hands under warm water the next morning will increase blood flow to the fingers and get rid of the inflammatory fluid which has collected overnight.

Should you honk at bikers?

Don't Honk Your Horn

Cyclists, however, have the same rights as other motorists and must be treated as so. Startling a cyclist could cause them to lose control of their bicycle and crash. Cyclists may tense up in their neck and shoulders, which impinges their handling of the vehicle.

Why do bikers swerve back and forth?

Movement naturally draws the eye, so when motorcycle riders shift back and forth in their lane, it helps other drivers to stay aware of them.

What does it mean when a cyclist puts out her right arm and move it up and down?

This signal will make any road user aware of your intentions, as a turning light would on a motor vehicle. To signal what side you'll turn to, extend your arm outwards – the left one if you're turning left, and the right one if you're turning right. You can also swing your arm up and down to make it more visible.

How do I talk to other motorcycle riders?

There's really only one way to communicate while riding a motorcycle. You'll need to use a hands-free wireless communication device to stay safe. This way, you can always keep both hands on the handlebars. You shouldn't have to take your eyes off the road, either, when sending a message.

What does it mean when a biker puts his left fist up?

Biker Code Hand Signals: Indicate To Turn Right

In the image below, you can see that the biker code hand signal for a right turn is to hold your left fist up with your arm at a 90-degree angle.

What is the most respectful greeting?

The most respectful greetings are formal ones like "hello," or time-related greetings like "good morning" or "good evening." To make it even more respectful, add the listener's formal title afterwards, like "hello, Mr. or Mrs. ______," or even "hello, sir or ma'am."

How do you call the passenger on a motorcycle?

Pillion: A passenger riding on the back seat of a motorcycle. A motorcycle's rear passenger seat is called the pillion seat.

How do you show respect to a motorcycle club?

Greet them as you would meet anyone else & wait until the offer is made to shake hands. DO NOT interrupt, wait for them to recognize you. DO NOT be offended or make a big deal if they do not offer to shake your hand.

What does it mean when a biker gives you a thumbs up?

Comfort/Refreshment Stop

(Make sure the shoulder is clear and safe first.) For a refreshment stop, make the thumbs-up sign with your left hand and place your thumb to the visor of your helmet as though it's a straw.

What does it mean when a motorcyclist taps his helmet at you?

If you're riding along the road and see your fellow motorcycle riders tapping the top of their helmets as they pass you in the opposite direction, slow down and be cautious. In most of the U.S., this is a warning that the police are nearby.

What are the three greeting rules?

7 Golden Rules for Meeting and Greeting
  • Stand Up. When you're greeting new people, do so face-to-face. ...
  • Look 'Em in the Eye. Making eye contact indicates engagement and focus. ...
  • Smile (and the World Smiles With You) ...
  • Take the Initiative With a Handshake. ...
  • Say Who You Are. ...
  • Observe the Hierarchy. ...
  • Get the Name Game Right.
Feb 19, 2018

What are the 3 greetings?

Good Morning/Good Day/Good Afternoon/Good Evening

These are general polite greetings that can be used in all situations and are used at particular times of the day (like good morning when you greet a colleague or manager as you enter the office in the morning.)

Who should greet first?

When you enter a room you should be the first person to greet everyone there regardless of your status.. The "no elbows on the table" rule applies only when you are actually eating. When no utensils are being used, putting your elbows on the table is acceptable.

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